What to wear on my photo shoot!

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Camera, Lights, Action!!! But what to wear for your photo shoot??


Oh the inevitable WHAT TO WEAR? We could opt for our 80's "let's all dress the same" but here at Lauren Britz Photo we strive to capture your very 'essence' ~ that which makes you uniquely what you are!

Photo Creds: Unknown

Family, kids and couple photo shoots capture a special moment in time in your life. It captures you changing and growing, as people, as families. Knowing what to wear and what to put your family in can be a little bit of a challenge... but here are my 5 top tips!

1. COMFORT MATTERS ~ The camera misses nothing. Even if you feel remotely uncomfortable, the camera will pick it up. Fear not! While you are making yourself and your family gorgeous and adorable, always make sure you are 100% comfortable moving around. Do the comfy test... arms up, kneel down, twist in a circle. If you did all those successfully without any discomfort, chances are you are ready for your shoot! 

2. NO MATCHY-MATCHY; COORDINATE ~ A white t-shirt and jeans for the whole family is just not our thing... Hehehe... I know, I know, we've all been there, but we want YOU. Show us your best YOU. Wear the things YOU love, the things that make YOU feel beautiful, the things YOU are most comfy in. Give us pieces of the unique YOU! To do this with your whole family, select a color scheme with complimentary colors. Consider the colors of your surroundings. Snow? Fall? Summer? Get stylish, but try to avoid patterns and colors that are too bold and distracting such as bright red sneakers or neon green shirts.

3. CHARACTERS DO NOT LIKE CLOSE-UPS ~ Your 5 year old probably wants nothing but to wear his Spidey sneakers to your shoot and I'm sure your little princess in dying to break out her princess dress and tiara! I have, however, found over the years, that these special beings do not love having their pics taken ;) If your teenager is going through the, "I only wear black" stage. Not a problem :) Put her in a pretty black dress and ACCESSORIZE with color :)

4. ACCESSORIZE ~ Cameras LOVE bling! Rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, costume jewelry, head bands and so forth.

5. BE TIMELESS ~ Fashion and our own personal style changes over time, so the best look to go for is something that transcends time. A classic look that doesn't immediately date you. Opt for colors and styles that are constant and have staying power through the ages, that way the image on your wall will not be prematurely dated.



The Morgan Family

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Wow! What a beautiful family! Between Mamma Hillary and Pappa Bob, you can see why there two little peanuts are so unbelievably cute. Brooks, aged 2, is so cute, curious and happy while Miles, just a couple months old, is a sweet, peaceful and happy little baby boy. 

I had an absolute blast photographing this wonderful family at a stunning location. For enquiries, contact Lauren at 561.853.5399 or email us at lbritzphoto@yahoo.com or simply pop onto our website for all the info you need.

Pigoni Family Shoot

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I had the great privilege of photographing Erica's maternity shoot and little Avlyn and the family when she arrived. The Pigoni's are such a delight and Avlyn was a champion at her first photo shoot. Click here to book your photo shoot. 

These are just a few of their pics...